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This week is the mid term week! woohoo!

Sooo, the material that Pak Apiq gave us is The Most Innovative Company! To stimulate my memories, I take a look at the book shelf in my room. Where almost a hundred books are present to fulfill my daily reading needs and nerves. Why? My curiosity is as big as a king kong, In order to answer all of the fuzzywuzzy question from A-Z, reading is my daily need (beside internet and communication). So my brain got a klik-a-boom, which remind me about Sir Richard Branson. The most beloved daring fresh entrepreneur in the world, I would say.

Sir Richard Branson

He is the most inspiring entrepreneur all human kind would have to look up to~

He was born sixty years ago with dyslexia and had poor academic performance as a student, but later discovered his ability to connect with other. When he was a little boy, his grandma placed him somewhere a little far from house. With his senses, he could reach home. Famed as the flamboyant entrepreneur, creating a unique atmosphere in rigid business world. The founder of Virgin Group, have a massive by 400 companies all around the world specialized in lifestyle, travel and entertainment.

Best music store on earth

Established on 1979, Sir Richard Branson  found the first virgin company in the virgin group.

Since then, development are doing rapidly expanding the company to 400 companies and established The Virgin Group. Including the most innovative traveling experience :

Virgin Galactic : which plans to provide sub orbital space flights to the paying public, along with suborbital space science missions and orbital launches of small satellites.

Space Holiday


Virgin Fuel is established to invest in companies in the renewable energy and resource efficiency sectors in the US and Europe

Virgin Blue

As for far east pacific service, Air Asia X is the franchised of Air Asia operating in Malaysia with 16% of the share owned by Virgin Group.

air asia x

The lesson learned from Sir Richard Branson is not to give up and not to make disability a reason to stop innovating and reaching our dreams. I really admire Sir Richard Branson and wish to be as creative and innovative as him in the future business life.

Thank you folks!

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Best Innovation!

Hey folks!

Minggu ini adalah minggu inovasi, Pak Apiq membuat tema “best innovation”

For me based on what i feel, what i need and what i want is AC or air conditioner.

AC atau Air Conditioner adalah alat pendingin universal yang diciptakan untuk mendinginkan ruangan panas. Buat saya sendiri ac adalah innovasi yang paling saya cintai, butuhi dan sayangi. Tanpa AC suhu dijakarta bisa bikin orang tambah tempramental dan dehidrasi. Dengan suhu bumi yang makin meningkat oleh global warming membuat udara yang panas menyengatkan, AC meredakan suasana yang suka bikin marah walaupun AC adalah salah satu penyebab dr global warming (loh??).

Sebenarnya AC ada dua yaitu AC dingin yang biasa kita kenal yaitu ac dingin

i love you

dan AC panas


yang bertujuan untuk menghangatkan pada musim dingin.

Penemuan atas barang bernama ‘AC’ ini bermula dari abad kedua tahun 747 pada dinasti Han yang membikin ‘rotary fan’ dengan air. Kemudian penemuan-penemuan terus berlanjut hingga ditemukannya AC pada masa kini.

Hingga saat ini bermacam-macam tipe ac yang ada dipasaran dengan jenis-jenisnya

Penemuan tingkat lanjut juga menemukan bahwa otak manusia akan berkerja secara maksimum pada temperature 22 derajat. Pada temperature ini otak dapat bekerja secara optimal dengan suhu yang pas.

AC juga menyelamatkan penduduk eropa pada 2003 heat wave. Dimana pada tahun 2003  musim panas dengan tingkat terpanas dalam sejarah dan memakan korban hingga 40,000 orang dikarenakan kurangnya fasilitas AC dalam tempat tinggal, klinik kesehatan dan rumah pensiun. Sungguh mulia kegunaan AC bukan?

Air Conditioner is my hero!

Cherioo ~


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Creativity and Innovation

Hey there !

This week assignment is on Creativity and Innovation , hurray!

The same title as the class,,

sooooo, on my example on creativity is mickey mouse!Mickey mouse is my favourite cartoon character when i was a kid. Created in 1928 by walt disney and his partner, Ub Iwerks. Walt disney start to pictured the mouse character when he was a boy to entertain his sister, make it into a moving picture by the help of book edge drawn and flapping the papers in fast speed.  Almost all of classic disney are hand made. This is the best human creativity ever made!

Years have passed by. High technology experienced are developed very well. Creativity never met its limit, The Walt Disney company build a moving picture company specialized in graphic design named Pixar Animation Studio. Specialized on Computer-generated imagery , is an application on computer graphics.


Producing all time high graphic moving pictures, such as :


I think all of these creation are timeless. This is the best innovation on hand made entertainment history ever created.

Thankyouu folks!

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Teror mania!!

Hello boys and girls !

Tugas kedua kali ini yang diberikan oleh Bapak Apiq kita yang sangat apik adalah SENJATA! Terlintas sejenak dikepala yang terbayang dari kata senjata adalah ‘alat untuk mengancam’. so, my idea on describing this particular senjata are :

Badan Gendut

As we know, as we see and as we measure, i assume you people already seen me in person, i am a chubby girl. Well, for some reason my friends likes to call me a super-chubby-cub-cub-cub-cub girl, cause it is. Does it hurts? no, laugh at it man. Take it easy. Life Goes On.

So, how could an extra size body be a weapon?

I don’t actually do this for sure in my entire life for heaven’s sake!, but yet somehow became a one of the-unthinkable-yet-implantable benefit. I feel super free and uber safe whatever i wanted to do and wherever i want to be. hurray!

Bawang putih

It sound lame, yet terrorizing for some kind of living. Why?

Lets rewind the time to 1996. Illona by the age of six. A HIGH CURIOSITY with OVER CONFIDENT little girl has found a daddy’s cd on the shelf, entitled “bram stoker dracula”.  she missed understand the cd to a happy-unrealistic-cute cd she used to have after lunch. So she played the cd, sit back and relax on hoping fresh cuteness going to play on the television, mom is making cakes in the kitchen. Yeah, something terrifying happen “a neck bitting, blood sucking dracula”. She screamed furiously and terrified dracula ever since. By the age of 10, she found out that draculas are scare to garlic and feels safe whenever garlic existence appear to her.


The most interesting substance on the earth for me is nuclear and usually we referring nuclear to weapon or humanizer. What do i think is , nuclear is a substance who have psychological reaction similar to human. Why? because the implementation are based on decision wether to working on bad or good way. The potentials are high on two sides.

Good side



As power generator besides petroleum. With greater strength and do not eat the rest of dwindling petroleum, nuclear power could be an option.

Bad side

The picture below is a bomb called ‘the little boy” its a nuclear weapon used on hiroshima bombing, enormous victims are dead in this tragedy . Three days later “the fat man” is dropped on Nagasaki, resulting a massive damage more than the ‘little boy’.

little boy

fat man

both of them resulting more or less huge explosion on both city in Japan…


See you on next post!

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depicting ‘illona’ in my words

Hello there,

Posting pertama yang diberi Pak Apiq adalah arti dari nama masing-masing. So I decided to googling on ‘Illona’. Kata mr. google arti nama dari ‘illona’ adalah cahaya berasal dari bahasa hungaria.

Jadinya terbayang foto matahari yang besar!


Pencarian dilanjutankan, kata, nama illona berarti ‘kecantikan’ .

well, i think is lying..

whenever I heard the terms ‘Beauty’ I imaging on


She’s the perfect beauty!!

So, on conclusion. Maybe “Illona” refers to miranda kerr yet brighter :p

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Hello blog!

My first experience on blogging world. Getting kinda more addicted each day. Generate by creativity and innovation class, accidentally found another killing time hobby. I could blablablblah my monolog. hurray!


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