Ka Adi Panuntun

Ka Adi is the guest lecture for today. He is the first guest lecture in Creativity and Innovation class.  His is the founder of Sembilan Matahari Production house. I personally noted Adi Panuntun as a creative maestro in Indonesia.  He is the founder of Sembilan Matahari production house and the producer of cin(T)a movie. He is also involved in video mapping of Bandung’s Kota Tua. He graduated from ITB in fine arts faculty. Actively participate in LFM.

The main topic of his lecture is ‘Design Thinking’. Design thinking is used in creativity thinking, stimulating our mind to imagine our idea. We should be proud whatever the idea came up to us. Cause basically design thinking is limitless. It is based on our creativity, think outside the box. As we all know, human’s brain easily mapped. This habit is limiting our exploration on creativity.

step by step of design thinking by mr. Adi Panuntun:

Observe –> Synthesize –> Brainstorm –> Vote –> Prototype –> Story tell

First Step :  Observe

The foremost step is to observe observation will act as an initial step for benchmarking. interacting with people around as well as identify related matters will be useful in design thinking

Second Step : Synthesize

After observation, issues regarding the problem or even possible about opportunities will emerge from the data have to be synchronized. In order to have further result.

Third Step : Brainstrom

The third is brainstorming. The solution is not always easy to obtain, or even difficult for some people. Brainstorm is crucially important. In brainstorming we should explore our idea and think outside the box. By stepping out of the box, creative problem solving will obtain.

Forth Step :Vote

Thousands of idea showered in brainstorming, but at the end we have to choose the best of the best. Voting is the easiest method to choose the best idea. Voting can not be done arbitrarily, but must also involve a variety of considerations that objective. To achieve the desired goals

Fifth step :Prototype

Prototype is used as trial and error of newly product.  Response that there would be evaluated first so that the products will be launched will be formed with optimal concept.

Story Tell

Then the final stage in the process of design thinking is to present the result of thinking by presenting or publishing them.


A question was thrown to us from Ka Adi at lecture

“State the relationship between markers (marker board) with apples?”.

We’re all wondering what the relationship of the object.

Finally we are know that the apple is a fruit often taken by the students to give to his teacher every morning and the board itself is a marker of stationery which is widely used in teaching and learning activities at school lately. therefore it can be concluded that apples or marker board that actually has a very close relationship in the field of education, where the disciples to give apples to teachers as loyalty have given them the education which would be useful for their future. The teacher provides instruction through the blackboard is written by using the marker board. Both objects are linked symbolically. In the beginning there was absolutely no connection at all.

Through Ka Adi’s Eyes :


Traditional Business Strategy:

Business strategy in general, in which a person determines the strategy of doing business distinguished by analyzing trends are there and also consider data on market demand at a time. approaches which do seem rigid and structured as in any traditional understanding where, people are tends to believe trends.

Innovation and Design:

Nowadays its easier to use this approach. as a developement trend where people got interested in something different, unique and innovative. Through this approach, it is believed we can produce something better from way before our expectation. The pace is to generate new innovations to meet the needs and desires of the market. Innovation in design has become a trend, and will continue that way in the future according to predictions


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