Teror mania!!

Hello boys and girls !

Tugas kedua kali ini yang diberikan oleh Bapak Apiq kita yang sangat apik adalah SENJATA! Terlintas sejenak dikepala yang terbayang dari kata senjata adalah ‘alat untuk mengancam’. so, my idea on describing this particular senjata are :

Badan Gendut

As we know, as we see and as we measure, i assume you people already seen me in person, i am a chubby girl. Well, for some reason my friends likes to call me a super-chubby-cub-cub-cub-cub girl, cause it is. Does it hurts? no, laugh at it man. Take it easy. Life Goes On.

So, how could an extra size body be a weapon?

I don’t actually do this for sure in my entire life for heaven’s sake!, but yet somehow became a one of the-unthinkable-yet-implantable benefit. I feel super free and uber safe whatever i wanted to do and wherever i want to be. hurray!

Bawang putih

It sound lame, yet terrorizing for some kind of living. Why?

Lets rewind the time to 1996. Illona by the age of six. A HIGH CURIOSITY with OVER CONFIDENT little girl has found a daddy’s cd on the shelf, entitled “bram stoker dracula”.  she missed understand the cd to a happy-unrealistic-cute cd she used to have after lunch. So she played the cd, sit back and relax on hoping fresh cuteness going to play on the television, mom is making cakes in the kitchen. Yeah, something terrifying happen “a neck bitting, blood sucking dracula”. She screamed furiously and terrified dracula ever since. By the age of 10, she found out that draculas are scare to garlic and feels safe whenever garlic existence appear to her.


The most interesting substance on the earth for me is nuclear and usually we referring nuclear to weapon or humanizer. What do i think is , nuclear is a substance who have psychological reaction similar to human. Why? because the implementation are based on decision wether to working on bad or good way. The potentials are high on two sides.

Good side



As power generator besides petroleum. With greater strength and do not eat the rest of dwindling petroleum, nuclear power could be an option.

Bad side

The picture below is a bomb called ‘the little boy” its a nuclear weapon used on hiroshima bombing, enormous victims are dead in this tragedy . Three days later “the fat man” is dropped on Nagasaki, resulting a massive damage more than the ‘little boy’.

little boy

fat man

both of them resulting more or less huge explosion on both city in Japan…


See you on next post!


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