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This week is the mid term week! woohoo!

Sooo, the material that Pak Apiq gave us is The Most Innovative Company! To stimulate my memories, I take a look at the book shelf in my room. Where almost a hundred books are present to fulfill my daily reading needs and nerves. Why? My curiosity is as big as a king kong, In order to answer all of the fuzzywuzzy question from A-Z, reading is my daily need (beside internet and communication). So my brain got a klik-a-boom, which remind me about Sir Richard Branson. The most beloved daring fresh entrepreneur in the world, I would say.

Sir Richard Branson

He is the most inspiring entrepreneur all human kind would have to look up to~

He was born sixty years ago with dyslexia and had poor academic performance as a student, but later discovered his ability to connect with other. When he was a little boy, his grandma placed him somewhere a little far from house. With his senses, he could reach home. Famed as the flamboyant entrepreneur, creating a unique atmosphere in rigid business world. The founder of Virgin Group, have a massive by 400 companies all around the world specialized in lifestyle, travel and entertainment.

Best music store on earth

Established on 1979, Sir Richard Branson  found the first virgin company in the virgin group.

Since then, development are doing rapidly expanding the company to 400 companies and established The Virgin Group. Including the most innovative traveling experience :

Virgin Galactic : which plans to provide sub orbital space flights to the paying public, along with suborbital space science missions and orbital launches of small satellites.

Space Holiday


Virgin Fuel is established to invest in companies in the renewable energy and resource efficiency sectors in the US and Europe

Virgin Blue

As for far east pacific service, Air Asia X is the franchised of Air Asia operating in Malaysia with 16% of the share owned by Virgin Group.

air asia x

The lesson learned from Sir Richard Branson is not to give up and not to make disability a reason to stop innovating and reaching our dreams. I really admire Sir Richard Branson and wish to be as creative and innovative as him in the future business life.

Thank you folks!


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