Creativity and Innovation

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This week assignment is on Creativity and Innovation , hurray!

The same title as the class,,

sooooo, on my example on creativity is mickey mouse!Mickey mouse is my favourite cartoon character when i was a kid. Created in 1928 by walt disney and his partner, Ub Iwerks. Walt disney start to pictured the mouse character when he was a boy to entertain his sister, make it into a moving picture by the help of book edge drawn and flapping the papers in fast speed.  Almost all of classic disney are hand made. This is the best human creativity ever made!

Years have passed by. High technology experienced are developed very well. Creativity never met its limit, The Walt Disney company build a moving picture company specialized in graphic design named Pixar Animation Studio. Specialized on Computer-generated imagery , is an application on computer graphics.


Producing all time high graphic moving pictures, such as :


I think all of these creation are timeless. This is the best innovation on hand made entertainment history ever created.

Thankyouu folks!


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